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business redecoration chelmsford


Painters decorators Essex
This hairdressers shopfront was suffering from wet rot due the the leaking drainpipe running above it. We removed window beading and dealt with the areas of rot, treated with Cuprinol wet rot treatment and spliced in new wood using Repaircare. There were 2x 3 meter sections of wood trim to the top that we removed and replaced and a few sections of rotten ply board that needed replacing.Image

Once the rot issue was dealt with we rubbed down and scraped back the defective paint. Run a new bead of caulk to the window lines and primed all bare wood with Aluminium primer. The masonry & sign board areas were finished with Dulux Weathershield tinted in grey. The windows & door were finished in weathershield flexible undercoat & gloss, in another tinted grey to match. We advised the owner to call upon the landlord to remedy the leak issue.

After we finish we ensure the client is satisfied with the work carried out and then give a 12 month ‘no quibble’ warranty.

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Getting professional silicone lines



The trick to getting a professional looking silicone line in the bathroom is using one of these tools! You can find them at Screwfix or just google ‘silicone tool’

Before starting, it helps to have an old newspaper to wipe the excess silicone on. Also a glass of warm water with a squirt of washing up liquid to help reduce friction when laying off the silicone.

Cut the end of the silicone tube off at aprox 8-10mm opening. Run an even line of silicone 8-10mm thick along the surface edge. With the silicone tool angled at 30 degrees (to scoop up any excess) silicone run the tool along the line in one run. Remember to wet the tool in the soapy solution before hand. Wipe off excess on newspaper, if it looks uneven this is due to the angle of the tool changing as it was run along the line. Try again with the tool to get a more even line if not impressed with the first attempt.

If the tool is angles at 30 degrees the wrong way it will still give a line, but the excess will be spread to the sides and stay on the bath top- better to have excess on the tool, then dispose of it.

If the silicone line is for a bath top line, make sure to fill the bath with water before silicone is applied as the weight  of the water can depress the bath and cause the seal to break. The silicone line also is used for vertical lines in the corners of the tiled room, see image.

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Rental flat redecoration




We decorated this rental flat in Chelmsford. The flat matt white walls & satin woodwork give it a modern spacious look. Looking for painters and decorators in Essex? If you are outside Essex have a look on the Painting & Decorating Association website to find a professional decorator in your region.

Painters & Decorators finished jobs- Chelmsford

We finished this place a few weeks ago. The rear of the property had blistered paintwork over a large area so we stripped the blown defective paint back to bare wood. We applied 2 coats of weathershield aquatec basecoat to seal the bare wood. We then applied 2 coats of Sadolin Supadec in opaque white (8 year lifespan) a water based woodstain that can be applied over previously painted surfaces. The owners were very pleased with the finished result.


Painters and decorators chelmsford

We carried out this external redecoration a few weeks ago. The lead flashing had been painted and was flaking badly so was brought back to a sound base using a wire brush and 60 grade scratch. We used Beedec multi surface paint for the flashing as it is a flexible water based vinyl coating and will provide a lasting satin finish.The masonry paint was peeling and so was scraped back to a firm base and stabalised. We filled any areas that had imperfections and then applied 2 coats of Dulux Weathershield to walls. The plinth was also blown and blistering so was brought back to a firm substrate, stabalised, filled and then given 2 coats of bitumen paint. We also carried out woodwork repairs to 2 doors and removed rotten beading and replaced with new. The decoration was completed with priming, undercoating and glossing the white woodwork.

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Redecoration of flats, Chelmsford

Anglia Decor recently finished this redecoration of 6 blocks of flats at Chelmsford, Essex.

The spec for this redecoration was to remove any defective paint. Apply a Weathershield basecoat to any bare wood, brought forward with a coat of Weathershield wood stain.

From there the imperfections in the wood were filled and woodwork was given 2 coats of Weathershield wood stain.

The roof is at a steep angle with fascias spanning over the top. We needed a Cherry picker to gain access to the fascias and a few windows over bin sheds.

The cherry picker was also used to reach difficult rooftop fascias. We needed to lay ply boards on soft ground to ensure the cherry picker didn’t damage the grass or sink.

It is also important to walk the route the cherry picker takes to survey the route for possible problems.

This cherry picker is a Ha16spx, it has 4×4 drive with 16 meters vertical reach. Some types of Ha16spx have 4 wheel steering enabling them to ‘crab walk’ sideways.

They weigh in the region of 4 tonnes to allow them the outreach needed with approx 200lb cradle weight limit.

There is also a narrow width version of this machine, with smaller width tyres-the Ha15spx (2 wheel drive).

Business redecoration Chelmsford

Redecoration of houses, ‘The Dutch quarter’ Colchester

Redecoration of 1-31 Ken Cooke Court, Colchester

Condition of windows before redecoration

Redecoration of flats



Le Bouchon Restaurant & Hotel

We redecorated the walls & windows to this hotel in Maldon using Dulux Weathershield. Columns, window surrounds and sills were picked out in a contrast colour. Our commercial painters cover Essex and London, we are members of the painting and decorating association and hold £5m public liability insurance.