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Redecoration of flats, Chelmsford

September 9, 2012

Anglia Decor recently finished this redecoration of 6 blocks of flats at Chelmsford, Essex.

The spec for this redecoration was to remove any defective paint. Apply a Weathershield basecoat to any bare wood, brought forward with a coat of Weathershield wood stain.

From there the imperfections in the wood were filled and woodwork was given 2 coats of Weathershield wood stain.

The roof is at a steep angle with fascias spanning over the top. We needed a Cherry picker to gain access to the fascias and a few windows over bin sheds.

The cherry picker was also used to reach difficult rooftop fascias. We needed to lay ply boards on soft ground to ensure the cherry picker didn’t damage the grass or sink.

It is also important to walk the route the cherry picker takes to survey the route for possible problems.

This cherry picker is a Ha16spx, it has 4×4 drive with 16 meters vertical reach. Some types of Ha16spx have 4 wheel steering enabling them to ‘crab walk’ sideways.

They weigh in the region of 4 tonnes to allow them the outreach needed with approx 200lb cradle weight limit.

There is also a narrow width version of this machine, with smaller width tyres-the Ha15spx (2 wheel drive).

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