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Getting professional silicone lines

October 20, 2012



The trick to getting a professional looking silicone line in the bathroom is using one of these tools! You can find them at Screwfix or just google ‘silicone tool’

Before starting, it helps to have an old newspaper to wipe the excess silicone on. Also a glass of warm water with a squirt of washing up liquid to help reduce friction when laying off the silicone.

Cut the end of the silicone tube off at aprox 8-10mm opening. Run an even line of silicone 8-10mm thick along the surface edge. With the silicone tool angled at 30 degrees (to scoop up any excess) silicone run the tool along the line in one run. Remember to wet the tool in the soapy solution before hand. Wipe off excess on newspaper, if it looks uneven this is due to the angle of the tool changing as it was run along the line. Try again with the tool to get a more even line if not impressed with the first attempt.

If the tool is angles at 30 degrees the wrong way it will still give a line, but the excess will be spread to the sides and stay on the bath top- better to have excess on the tool, then dispose of it.

If the silicone line is for a bath top line, make sure to fill the bath with water before silicone is applied as the weight  of the water can depress the bath and cause the seal to break. The silicone line also is used for vertical lines in the corners of the tiled room, see image.

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