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Painting a bare pebble-dash house

August 30, 2012

This is a base coat to the bare pebble-dashed walls. It was looking like the house next door. This pic shows the base coat being applied. The 1st coat needs to be thinned down so it can penetrate the pebble dash and get into the holes. We used 1/4 water to Weatherhsield to thin down the base coat. As the paint is thinned it becomes more messy and the spray increases, so it’s important to mask window sills and sheet up pathways etc. We used 12′ sheepskin rollers as they have a heavy pile and before rolling we swept the pebble dash to remove some of the loose stones. The roller still tends to pick up stones from the walls and this decreases the volume of paint the roller can hold. A good way to remove the small pebbles from the roller is to spin the roller on a plastic sheet when it has little paint on it. It is best to work in areas and complete one before moving onto the next. This house took 10 gallons/50 litres for the base coat for front, back and side. We used magnolia for the finish coat and applied this undiluted, though it can be thinned slightly. The magnolia coat used less paint as it had already been sealed, approx 8 gallons. This Weatherhsield masonry paint is water based and has a lifespan of 15 years. There is also an oil based weathershield, more suited to problem walls.

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