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Things to consider when furnishing a small space

August 13, 2012

If your home gives you little space to let your creative aspirations run wild and reserves the dreams of large wooden oak furniture for another house, you’ll understand the headaches that come with creating your own comfortable space to suit your visual appeal and remain functional.

In situations like this, it is important to make well-planned decisions that determine the correct furniture, colour, finish, and layout of the room you are attempting to create. By doing so you can turn limited space into a thing of beauty.

To help with the planning process you could draw a floor plan of your small room’s space with measurements included. By doing this you can virtually visualise the room’s appearance and test which furniture will fit the space comfortably by drawing bird’s eye diagrams of them.

The following will look more into the types of furniture best suited for smaller living spaces in addition to potential colour schemes you could benefit from using.

Multi-purpose Furniture

It might seem like a thing of the nineties but when you’re trying to utilise a room with minimal space available, multi-purpose furniture is not such a bad idea. Firstly it won’t consume the room with its separate entities. Take this clic clac sofa bed below as a good example. It has two purposes: to provide seating and sleeping. An innovative piece of living room furniture such as this saves space by doubling up as a bed as well as a couch. It looks quite nice too.

Visit Frances Hunt for more living room furniture.

Built-in Storage

It’s not the nicest thing to have all of your belongings on display whenever you have a visitor in your home and when you haven’t got the room for a nice big double wardrobe the next best thing is built-in storage.

Beds with storage are ideal for clothes that aren’t in need of hanging, keeping them hidden from view and the space you have available clear. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have a nice looking bed though. There’s load of gorgeous wooden beds with storage built in like the one shown below.

Slim Wardrobes

Most of us will have a selection of clothes that need hanging and as I mentioned before the room you’re trying to furnish might not permit the size of a big wardrobe. There are, however, plenty of other, slimmer options with single doors to fit in the tightest of spaces. This way you can keep your work shirts/ dresses crease and dust free.

Colour Scheme

Depending on the type of mood you’re trying to create within the room you’re attempting to furnish, you might want to consider lighter colour schemes if you want the room to feel like there’s more space than there actually is. White walls and pale/ pastel colour tones create the illusion of space and the furniture should match it to carry the theme across. Light wood tones like natural pine would be ideal. That is of course if the illusion of space is what you’re after. Neutral colour schemes also add a slight element of contrast between the lightness of the furniture and the walls to make a spacious room out of a tight space.

Darker, intimate colour schemes can create a cosier feel to the room as they absorb light rather than reflect it around the room. By adding dark, richer furniture, like a stained oak bed, you can have a cosier, warmer feeling room. This will of course make the room feel its size and possibly smaller compared to lighter colours.

Get Furnishing

Keeping the tips in mind that we’ve provided, you should be able to start making some good decisions in choosing the right furniture for the room you want to furnish. Just because it has a limited amount of space doesn’t mean that you can’t make it feel bigger than it actually is.

About the Author: This article was written by Tony Richards who blogs about furniture and interior design for the blog of Frances Hunt – a furniture retailer based in Essex, UK.

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