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Weathershield flexible filler

September 6, 2011

I only came across this product the other week and wanted to try it for external jobs with minor imperfections in the woodwork. The advantage of using this product over 2pac filler is the degree of flex it has. It is more similar to the characteristics of wood, in the extremes of winter and summer the wood will expand and contract and this filler will match the movement rather than cracking where one has moved and the other not. It is fairly expensive at around £15, however it can last for as long as the Weathershield 3 part system so worth the premium. Regular filler could be the weak link of the chain and cause the paint job to fail.

This is a water-based filler and is lightweight so it goes on fairly easily, adding a little water makes it smoother to apply.  Sometimes these ready mixed fillers set like concrete and are very difficult to rub down, but this stuff rubs down quickly using 80-grade sandpaper. It can be used on internal or external, but I think, as it is a premium flexible filler most will be using it on external work. It is suitable for use on render and woodwork, I used on both and was pleased with the results, it held shape and didn’t sag, will make sure I have a tub of this filler in my van.

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  1. Jake permalink

    Interested in using this on my front door instead of the usual 2 part. Since you started using it in Sept have you had any problems with it? Many thanks Jake

    • paintingadvice permalink

      Hi Jake,
      I have used this weathershield flexible filler a number of times now and not found any problems with it. Unlike the 2pac filler that seems to split and crack during the cold months leaving the job in need of a re visit to correct.
      Good luck with it!

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